This coming together of professionals fulfils the demand to acquire and pool knowledge and increase the size of our portfolios We look forward to working together with you in this exciting industry and hope that you join us today.

Dear Colleague,

During the course of the year we hold meetings for our members to which we invite our corporate members. Current meetings are planned in London, Istanbul, France, St Petersburg and New York.

AIREI events have been designed to give each corporate member company the maximum possible exposure.

AIREI Events are unlike any other event in the property Investment calendar due to the quality of the representatives the member companies send. We only allow top level decision makers to attend to enable business to be done there and then, thus ensuring a core of Senior professionals. The Decision Makers! The Elite! They attend and use the location of our event to network, give presentations and generally keep up to date on insider information. For many it is also the perfect opportunity to wine and dine with their existing contacts as well as attracting new ones. All in all, a hive of activity to ensure that they maintain their competitive edge in doing business or gain that edge. .The personal contacts made at the networking events, elevate the business opportunities and their company's standing when making contact after the event.

If your company policy is to evaluate events you attend by the number of business cards you gather as opposed to the amount of business you do then our events are not for you.

We attempt to get every attendee of our events to get the chance to talk with every other to pursue possible business finance relationships.

"If it's funding you want no-one will give you more than the AIREI Members. Why else would our foreign members continue to cross oceans every couple of months to attend."

At the event corporate attendees are invited to give a presentation of "their sector of the industry and their u.s.p. within it" ensuring that our members are constantly able to keep their thumb on the pulse of the industry and be aware of the latest trends to keep them one step ahead.

Exhibition and networking possibilities help the members to interact and to promote the activities of their company among their industry peers.

"If you have a subject which you believe would interest our members, register now for the AIREI's "Speakers Forum"

Enhance your bottom line at the events where deals are done.

Who will you meet at these International Events?

In the past we have had investors from
Australia; Belgium; Brazil; Canada; Egypt; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Israel; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Russia; Singapore; Spain; Sweden; South Africa; Switzerland; Turkey; UK; USA;

These Investors are looking for the newest opportunities and ideas that will help them decide more effectively where to place their new investments. If you can supply them with this, then do not let your company miss these events

Where Will your Company Be When The AIREI Meet? With Us and your competitors finding funding or at your desk?

This coming together of a knowledge pool of International Experts enables us to also to keep up to speed on all the latest issues.
Each speaker brings a wealth of experience from their relevant country to both educate the membership and to pave the way for companies wishing to do business with their relevant country and are getting ready, as we speak, for the next event which will ensure that their listeners are not the ones that are left behind.

We hope that we have managed to give you an insight into joining us and taking part in these exciting events. There are opportunities for everyone. If you would like to attend one of our events and make a presentation to our membership please email

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