This coming together of professionals fulfils the demand to acquire and pool knowledge and increase the size of our portfolios We look forward to working together with you in this exciting industry and hope that you join us today.

Membership of the AIREI is available to every bona fide company which has an involvement with supplying Investors in Property. Membership shows that the members understand and honour their responsibility to their clients, suppliers and the general public to provide fair rates, with clarity in terms and conditions, to conduct business ethically and with integrity. The members of the AIREI agree to abide by the following code of ethics and empower the AIREI Board of Directors to act upon and enforce the following:

Member Companies:  recognise that sincerity, candour, truthfulness, the keeping of promises, and transparency contribute not only to their own credibility and stability but also to the smoothness and efficiency of business transactions, while accepting the legitimacy of trade secrets, particularly on the international level.

  • protect and, where possible, improve the environment, promote sustainable development, and prevent the wasteful use of natural resources.
  • do not participate in or condone bribery, money laundering, or other corrupt practices and seek cooperation with others to eliminate them.
  • treat all customers with dignity, irrespective of whether they purchase our products and services directly or otherwise acquire them in the market.
  • provide customers with the highest quality products and services consistent with their requirements;
  • treat customers fairly in all aspects of business transactions, including a high level of service and remedies for their dissatisfaction;
  • make every effort to ensure that the health and safety of customers, as well as the quality of their environment, will be sustained or enhanced by products and services;
  • assure respect for human dignity in products offered, marketing, and advertising; and respect the integrity of the culture of customers.
  • believe in the dignity of every employee and in take employee interests seriously
  • provide working conditions that respect each employee's health and dignity;
  • be honest in communications and open in sharing information, limited only by legal and competitive constraints;
  • engage in good faith negotiations when conflict arises;
  • avoid discriminatory practices and guarantee equal treatment and opportunity in areas such as gender, age, race, and religion;
  • promote in the business itself the employment of differently abled people in places of work where they can be genuinely useful;
  • protect employees from avoidable injury and illness in the workplace;
  • apply professional and diligent management in order to secure a fair and competitive return on investment;
  • disclose relevant information to investors subject to legal requirements and competitive constraints;
  • conserve, protect, and increase the investors' assets where possible
  • respect investors' requests, suggestions, complaints, and formal resolutions.
  • ensure that business activities are free from coercion and unnecessary litigation;
  • pay suppliers on time and in accordance with agreed terms of trade; and
  • foster open markets for trade and investment;
  • promote competitive behaviour that is socially and environmentally beneficial and demonstrates mutual respect among competitors;
  • refrain from either seeking or participating in questionable payments or favours to secure competitive advantages;
  • respect both tangible and intellectual property rights
  • refuse to acquire commercial information by dishonest or unethical means.
  • collaborate with those forces in the community dedicated to raising standards of health, education, workplace safety and economic well-being;
  • promote and stimulate sustainable development and play a leading role in preserving and enhancing the physical environment and conserving the earth's resources;
  • be a good corporate citizen through charitable donations, educational and cultural contributions, and employee participation in community and civic affairs.
  • Members’ advertising and promotional materials will be clear and will not intentionally deceive or misrepresent their company products and services as actually provided.
  • take actions to ensure that representations made on behalf of their company by employees or agents are accurate and to prohibit false representations being made on their behalf.
  • comply with their regulatory obligations and cooperate fully with all regulatory agencies.

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